Chimney Sweeps

In this service we first seal the fireplace opening, and then clean your chimney using a brush and rods, and an industrial hepa filtered vacuum collects the soot and debris.

Once the chimney has been swept, we place a smoke pellet in the opening to assess the draw of the chimney. We will then issue you with a NACs / Hetas certificate.

It’s a no fuss, and no mess service. Why? Chimney fires can be caused by a build up of soot or resin from burning wood and logs. Risk of carbon monoxide poisoning; a blocked chimney blocks, or one that is not drawing properly, risks exposing the inhabitants to poisonous fumes produced by burning coal, wood, gas or oil.

Smoke Test Certificate

Our smoke testing service includes a chimney sweep and clean. The top of the chimney is then sealed, and a smoke pellet is placed in the fireplace opening, which is then also sealed. Upstairs, downstairs, and attics (if applicable) are then checked, along with any shared party wall surrounding the fireplace in question.

Once checked, a NACs certificate of smoke testing will be provided. Why? Smoke testing is essential to ensure that flue gasses will rise freely through the flue, and to determine whether there are any problems, for example as insufficiently sealed joints, damage, or deterioration.

Our services cover all aspects of chimney sweeping, including:

  • Removal of bird nests and blockages
  • Supply and fitting of bird guards
  • Supply and fitting of cowl/pots
  • Complete brush and vacuum sweeping
  • Smoke testing
  • Chimney inspections
  • Wood burner advice and recommendations
  • Supply and fitting of chimney liners

Our chimney sweeping technique follows the below method:

  • Inspect and survey the chimney
  • Carry out a meticulous chimney sweep
  • Remove any blockages and pests, such as birds, squirrels, building debris, leaves and so on
  • Smoke tests for wood and gas fireplaces.
  • Clear all debris and remove from the premises
  • Provide a certificate to confirm that the chimney has been professionally swept

How often should I get my chimney swept?

  • Smokeless coals: annually, when in use
  • Wood: twice annually, when in use
  • Oil: annually, when in use
  • Gas: annually, when in use

We can service flues of all types:

  • Wood-burning and multi-fuel stoves
  • Open fires
  • Oil fire flues
  • Gas flues
  • Aga and rayburn stoves
  • Sweeping inglenooks

Additional services include:

Bird guard and rain cap fitting & Chimney pot fitting.


Drapers Chimney Sweeps product

Smokeless Ovals

Our Premium Smokeless Ovals ‘Heatmax ovals’ are ideal for use on open fires and multi-fuel stoves. This compressed quality Oval, manufactured mainly from anthracite, will give a high heat output, create a pleasant glow and will not spark when burning. These slow burning ovals give off a long lasting heat, thus making them very efficient, resulting in a cost effective good value-for-money fuel. Dry packed, this product comes in easy to handle extra strong durable plastic packaging.

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Drapers Chimney Sweeps product


Single block multi-purpose firelighters produced with highest-grade kerosene jet fuel for fast ignition, the block can be separated into 15 individual firelighters. This product features clean simple packaging with handy instructions. Firelighters can be used to light open fires, multi-fuel stoves, chimineas and burn-pits.

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